Bruce Lee

by Sheetal
(Pune, Maharashtra, India)

Bruce Lee is my favorite martial arts fighter.

The reason that I like Bruce Lee most of all is that at first look it does not seem possible that this person could win in a fight with much stronger opponents or against so many people. He did not have a physique like Arnold or Sylvester Stallone. He showed that it was possible for normal people to be able to defend themselves and it's not necessary to be built like a body builder or wrestler to protect oneself.
It was due to his training and skill that he was able to win.

It is said that he was so fast in his movements that the movie cameras of his time were not able to record them; the cameraman had to tell him to slow down so that it could be seen on camera.

Bruce Lee was one of the main reasons for martial arts to become so popular all over the world.
His personality overall was also very nice; he was a very humble and modest person. He did not like to boast about his skill or take undue advantage of them. He used to try to avoid getting into fights with people; who wanted to boast that they had a fight with the great Bruce Lee. He was the reason why martial arts became so popular.

Another aspect for liking Bruce Lee and martial arts is that it does not depend on weapons like guns or knives but on your training , skills and strength. Martial arts actually promotes instruments like nan chaku.

Martial arts makes it possible for even women to defend and protect themselves. The martial arts training not only helps a person to be physically strong but also in having a more peaceful mind.

Overall martial arts training brings out the importance of hard work; continuous training to continuously improve your skills. The real competition is with yourself how you can be better, more agile and learn more. The key is to have control over your mind and believe in yourself. Martial arts do not promote aggression; rather they teach you to have control over your anger and emotions.

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