Wrestling Moves List

Basic Wrestling Moves List of Defense Techniques and Takedowns for MMA Training

Check out this short list of wrestling moves to learn about what basic wrestling moves, wrestling take downs and wrestling techniques will help improve your MMA training!

Almost all the basic wrestling moves, techniques and take downs come from college wrestling, Greco Roman wrestling and freestyle wrestling. Now all these fundamental and basic wrestling moves are the core foundation of nearly all mixed martial artists (the good ones at least).

If you plan on becoming an MMA fighter or wrestler, you need to know these fundamental and basic wrestling techniques, defense moves and take downs!

Basic Wrestling Skills

Basic wrestling moves or skills can be divided into three categories;


Defensive moves

Mat moves

These wrestling techniques and moves have to be known and practiced by any athlete in order to compete in the octagon or on the wrestling mat.

Basic Takedowns

basic wrestling moves and takedowns

Practice and perfect these basic basic wrestling take downs and you will know more than 90% of what you need to know in order to control the tempo of your MMA fight or wrestling match:

  • Single leg
  • Double leg
  • Fireman's Carry
  • Low Level Single Leg
  • Head Throw
  • Bear Hug

Basic Defensive Wrestling Moves List

wrestling sprawl technique for MMA

Having a good knowledge of basic wrestling takedowns is great, but if someone shoots in on you first you better know what your doing so you don't end up on your back. Learn these defensive wrestling techniques!

  • Head position
  • Sprawl
  • Front Head Lock
  • Wrist Control
  • Head Control

Basic Wrestling Mat Moves

basic wrestling moves list
  • Stand up
  • Hip Heist
  • Switch
  • Sit Out
  • Knee Slide
  • Arm Bar
  • Half Nelson
  • Leg Ride
  • Power Half

Keep in mind that there are many other great wrestling techniques out there. Most aren’t even mentioned above because they are more advanced and you don't want to overdose on techniques.

The good thing is most great wrestlers do not master all of the moves. Most top level wrestlers learn which basic wrestling moves work best for them and focus on mastering them in every facet possible.

If you learn to do a handful of basic wrestling techniques and practice them with sickening work ethic then there will be a great chance that it will improve your MMA fight game and wrestling game.

Now just reading this wrestling moves list and memorizing them won’t mean you will turn into a phenomenal wrestler, you have to apply what you learn mentally to the physical arena, whether it be the mat or the cage!

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