Rear Naked Choke

The rear naked choke is probably one of the few moves people can somewhat figure out without any actual Brazilian Jiu Jitsu experience, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to practice the proper BJJ technique if you do. You need to know the proper form to make it work a higher percentage of the time you have the opportunity and you need to know how to defend it so when you get caught in this bad position you have some hope of getting out.

How to Execute The Rear Naked Choke

First off in order to apply the BJJ technique you have to have your opponents back, otherwise known as back mount. From your opponents back it’s important to have your ‘hooks’ in, or the insteps of your feet inside your opponents thighs so you have more control.

You wrap one arm around your opponents neck underneath his chin so the inside of your elbow putting pressure on his throat. Next you can either use the Gable grip, where you take the hands of both arms and place them with together with the palms facing each other.... or you could grab your bicep and put other hand on the back of your opponents head. Your choice, mess around with both to see which one is more effective for you.

From there squeeze the shit out of your opponents neck until he’s forced to tapout before he passes out. What I mean by squeeze the shit out of your opponents neck I actually mean to use the common Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practice of putting constant, steady pressure on the choke and not putting as much pressure as you possibly can once you get it set... otherwise you risk gassing your arms out if the choke doesn’t work.

Here are 3 common errors MMA fighters or BJJ practitioners make when applying the choke:

And here’s the proper BJJ technique of how to choke out babies when they attack you:

How To Defend

If you know how to defend a rear naked then you’ll know what your opponent is thinking to do when your on his back trying to choke him. Here are a few tips to defend the choke properly.

-Have wrist control on one of his arms, use both or your hands to control one of his. If he can’t use both arms he cant choke you

-Tilt your chin down so he can’t sneak his forearm underneath it

-And lastly Don’t Get In One because chances are your fucked if he has your back

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