Martial Arts Girls

MMA girls and other martial arts girls are (needless to say) some of my favorite people in the world. First off, they’re women... so they got that going for them. And secondly, they are all fighters (or involved in martial arts in some way)... and nothing is sexier than a girl who can give me a black eye even outside the bedroom.

The term “Martial Arts Girls” is a very broad one, so I figure I’ll break it down into two different groups:

MMA Girl Fighters

Gina Carano is so sexy and can kick your ass

With MMA becoming more and more of a popularized, mainstream sport, women are beginning to take notice in how much fun you can have by stepping in a cage to test your skills both mentally and physically. It’s not just a one-sided thing where men are the only ones who can throw down and beat some ass, there are women in martial arts that are allowed to also!

There are some great MMA girl fighters out there, if you’ve been on my site before you’ll know my fascination with Gina Carano... I love her... but besides her there is an enormous talent pool filled with some beautiful, some very scary looking women who have more balls than most men do to step into the cage.

Erin Toughill is a tough mma girl to fight

Besides Gina Carano, there are female martial arts fighters like Megumi Fuji, Christiane “Cyborg” Santos, Erin Toughill and Tara LaRosa who have helped put the women of MMA on the map. Truthfully I’m not too fond of “Cyborg” Santos due to the fact that she put a beating on one of the most beautiful women in the world (Gina).

Now I know that Gina will always be number one on the top 10 sexiest MMA girl fighters list but there is some stiff competition out there.

MMA Ring Girls

the beautiful arianny celeste posing for a picture

MMA ring girls are almost (if not) more fun to watch than the actual girls who step in the cage to throw down. Just watching them swing their hips and move their body graciously around the cage just makes me want to take them down into full guard.

Although they aren’t nearly as talented or skilled as the martial arts girls who actually put their mind to the test and whatnot, they still are gorgeous and therefore are still good in my book. The only bad thing is that there typically is only 3 rounds for MMA fights... so that means only 3 girls! I’ll guess I’ll have to learn to live with it.

Some of the most popular of the ring girls are the UFC Girls like Arianny Celeste Brittany Ward, Holly Madison and others. They are constantly being switched around due to the high demand of having to be the most beautiful and charismatic girl who is capable of walking in a octagon carrying a sign. Arianny Celeste is a mainstay and is at every UFC event, but other girls are always in and out of the rotation still trying to make it big.

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