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MMA head gear is one of the most important pieces of MMA training equipment to have in your MMA gym bag and it can NOT be overlooked!

If you want to do MMA training for an extended period of time the smart thing to do would to be research and buy the best MMA head gear you can!

So just scroll down or click here to read the top 5 best MMA head gear reviews on all types of MMA head guards from cheap, low quality to expensive, top quality ones!

5 MMA Gear Online Shopping Tips

How to find the BEST, cheap MMA Training Equipment:

1) Scroll down and click! Find the type of MMA equipment or brand of equipment you want to buy or check out.

2) Read Reviews! Check out reviews on MMA head guards so you can see others opinions before you buy!

3) Ask For Advice! Ask me or other MMA practitioners for some advice on what type of MMA headgear you should buy!

4) Buy it! Once you did your research and found the MMA head protection you want, just click on the product or link to buy and follow the directions to check out!

5) Write A Review! If a product you bought was awesome let others know how great it is! If a product sucked help other people save their money!

Top 5 Best MMA Head Gear Reviews
(In No Specific Order)

What Is The Best Head Gear For MMA?

Bad Boy Pro MMA Series Head Gear

This is a great piece of head gear for protection, visibility and comfort.

The leather construction is top quality with solid padding to protect a good portion of your face.

This Bad Boy Head Guard is easily adjustable, a good fit, breathable (not too hot) and offers great support and solid protection.

The price is average for MMA head gear but it offers great value and is bound to last for a long time!

best bad boy pro series mma head guard reviews


"I spar 3x a week and this head gear by far is the best I've used. It is extremely comfortable and the visibility I think it ranks at #1! The material it is lined with absorbs sweat and hold the gear in place."

Venum MMA Competition Head Gear

One of the cheapest but top quality head gear has to be this Venum Competition Head Gear.

The visibility is excellent and the protection is only second to Hayabusa.

It's very breathable and allows for air ventilation so you won't get super hot after intense MMA sparring sessions at the gym!

venum mma urban warfare headgear


"I would recommend this head guard to anyone! Used it for the first time last week and was blown away. Unlike most head guards the venum one is not too big but yet still provides great protection. It was also very light and felt comfortable on my head. I also like the look of the head guard and the camo is cool!"

Twins Special Muay Thai Head Gear

If you want a cheap piece of head gear that still has enough padding and protection for your skull then the Twins Special brand of head gear is a great option!

It's one of the lowest and cheapest prices for head gear out there and it still has great quality and superior visibility/protection!

twins special mma head gear muay thai


Hayabusa Kanpeki Elite MMA Head Guard

If you're a big Hayabusa MMA brand fan then this head gear has to be a part of your MMA training equipment collection!

The padding it has to protect your head is some of the best! The only complaint about this head gear is that it has limited visibility and can get pretty hot after long sparring sessions.

However if you want superior protection, quality and durability, this Hayabusa MMA headgear is the best choice!

hayabusa kanpeki elite mma head gear


"The headgear provides a lot of protection. I like the forehead protection and chin to protect against the uppercut. Its a little heavy at first but is well worth it. I personally find all headgear hot, so I didn't put that as a con. Vision good, but Venum and Fairtex are a little easier to see out off. The fact that its genuine leather add to durability and impact resistance."

Top King Muay Thai Head Guards

I personally get most of my muay thai and MMA training equipment from Top King so I can highly recommend Top King head guards!

All of their equipment is cheap and affordable compared to many other top MMA brands and the quality is still some of the best!

top king muay thai head gear guard


The Main Types Of MMA Head Gear

Open Face - Open faced head gear is the most popular and widely used in the MMA world. It allows you to see without much distractions and protects the important parts of your head.

Closed Face - If you’re too pretty to worry about your nose getting bloody or getting bruised up then closed face pieces of MMA head gear are a good alternative. It will feel a little claustrophobic wearing it because it engulfs your head but it will protect a greater area of your face than open face head gear would.

Caged - Again, if you’re too pretty this is a good alternative to the open face MMA headgear. This can also be a good alternative if you feel too squished, hot and tight in the closed face head gear

Note: All the MMA headgear reviews below are all open face because they are the best for MMA training!

The Top Cheap MMA Headgear Reviews

All of the reviews of MMA head guards above are of the highest quality, best protection, and nicest fitting pieces of head gear on the market. If these are too expensive and you're willing to sacrifice quality and protection, take a look at the Cheap MMA Head Gear Reviews!

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