Best MMA Fighting Tips

MMA Training Tips, MMA Conditioning Tips and MMA Fighting Tips To Take Your Fight Game To The Next Level!

MMA Training is different than training for any other sport.

MMA fighting workouts are grueling, tough and intense.

MMA techniques are difficult to perfect and take persistence to learn.

MMA conditioning takes a strong body and even a stronger mind.

You have to have a strong mind and heart in order to train or fight in MMA.

Starting the Right Way: Helpful Guide for MMA Beginners

Whether your just doing MMA training to get in great shape or you're training for MMA to compete and fight, there are a few important things you should know so you can get the maximum results from your mixed martial training training sessions.

Here are some MMA Training Tips you should take in consideration when training to be a monster in the cage:

6 Best MMA Fighting Tips

#1. Mental Conditioning For MMA

mental conditioning for MMA mind

The type of MMA conditioning you have to put yourself through isn’t just conditioning for your body, but it’s also conditioning for your mind!

If your not able to push yourself the extra mile during MMA training your results will come slowly or not at all.

If you're competing or fighting, the last thing you want to be is second best. If you're second best, chances are your ass will either be knocked out, choked out or beat up badly, which shouldn't be the outcomes you are looking for.

Train your mind to be resilient and persevere through adversity.

There will be tough situations where you think you there's no way out.

There will be days at the gym where you aren’t motivated to go all out.

There will be days you doubt yourself.

Push Your Mind And Your Body Will Follow.

If you need help pushing past those limits or need more of an in-depth look inside an intense MMA conditioning program, check out my interview with Eric Wong on MMA Fitness and Conditioning to take your MMA fight game to the next level!

#2. MMA Conditioning For Your Body

gsp abs mma conditioning

In most amateur and even in most professional fights, the mixed martial artist who ends up winning is the one who is in better shape to fight!

The MMA fighters who end up losing are the guys who are breathing heavier and sucking wind after intense exchanges. Keep in mind that there is a chance you will get knocked out if you get tired, so when you're doing your MMA training in the gym, don't slack on the conditioning aspect of your training.

A great strength and conditioning program and training regimen (like the Ultimate MMA strength And Conditioning Ebook and other workout DVD's) is key for any MMA fighter or combat sport athlete to improve their game.

You also need a good mixture of MMA Workouts - but don't neglect perfecting and drilling your MMA techniques.

Pushing your cardio and strength training to the max is a necessity in order to see and feel the results you want for your MMA training and fighting. Try some circuit training routines for MMA to push yourself to the next level!

#3. Train Your MMA Techniques!

Sounds obvious but I’ve seen a high number of fighters spar without purpose or roll without any goals.

There are some important sparring tips that will help you improve your technique, cardio and overall game that you should consider next time you step into the ring or cage.

Remember for every second you are not training at 100%, your opponent is. I know it's a cliche saying, but its the truth.

There are times when you want to slow down and work on getting the right move down, but once you feel comfortable enough to execute certain MMA techniques make sure you try it at full speed and in MMA sparring or rolling sessions.

#4. Get Your Own MMA Training Equipment

mma training equipment hayabusa mma headgear

After a few days of training in an MMA gym, you'll most likely get sick of using old, dirty, used equipment that makes you gag whenever you put it on.

Using used sweaty MMA headgear or bloody MMA training gloves is unsanitary and can lead to diseases and discomfort.

Do yourself a favor,

If you plan on taking your MMA training seriously, do your research by reading MMA equipment reviews and invest in some quality MMA training equipment.

Trust me, you won't regret buying top quality MMA equipment to protect yourself from injury and disease.

New equipment might even help prevent you from throwing up after putting your hands in disgusting, used MMA gloves!

#5. Find Good, Dedicated MMA Training Partners

Make sure you surround yourself with positive people who don’t look down on you, especially if you're just starting out. Chances are you'll be getting your ass handed to you day in and day out, so it's important to not have assholes as training partners.

Everyone was a beginner at MMA at some point

Everyone was an amateur before they were a pro MMA fighter.

Everyone has lost their fair share of fights.

To improve in your MMA training you need 3 types of MMA training partners;

One training partner who is worse than you. This way you can focus and work on certain MMA techniques that you won't be able to execute on more experienced fighters.

One training partner who is just as good as you. This will help you get an idea of where you stand in relation to someone who has been training just as long and as hard as you.

One training partner who is better than you. How else will you learn and push yourself unless you have training partners who are willing to share their experiences and knowledge with you?

If you can find all 3 types of training partners at your MMA gym, you will see major improvements as long as you put the time in!

#6. Eat Healthy!

fruits and vegetables mma meal plan for mma fighters

One of the most neglected aspects of MMA training is nutrition.

Follow these basic Healthy Eating Guidelines to get an idea of what MMA meal plans and eating habits are like for most MMA fighters.

Without the proper nutrition your body will break down and not be able to handle or dish out punishment everyday in the gym or on the mat.

I personally eat at least 5,000 calories a day, if not more. You need a constant energy source and that will come from the nutrition in your MMA meal plan!

Your body needs carbs, protein, fat and vitamins and minerals in order to function at a high intensity, so make sure your eating healthy and eating often.

You obviously want to try stay away from junk food, alcohol and drugs too... but I believe you deserve a reward every once in awhile (that doesn't mean every day for you fat gluttons out there) for training hard.

Don't be afraid to grab some pitchers of beer with your rolling buddy or eating some cookies once in a blue moon after a good week of MMA training!

Overall you need a good balance of all of these MMA Training Tips in order to be successful in mixed martial arts.

The main thing is to be persistent and keep on going even when the going is tough, that's what fighting is all about. If you can't handle the constant pain, or if you can't develop the humbleness to learn from your mistakes, try ballet or some shit.

If you want another MMA practitioner's point of view, check out my interview with MMA website owner Gary Saunders. He has some great input and knowledge when it comes to training for MMA!

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