MMA Equipment List - Must Have MMA Gear!

The MMA Equipment And Supplies You Absolutely Need If You Want To Take Your MMA Training Seriously!

Without your own MMA training equipment and MMA fight gear how will you ever improve your MMA game?

If you plan on taking your MMA training seriously, you MUST own your own MMA fight gear!!!

Check out this MMA training equipment checklist and buy the best MMA gear for your MMA training now!

MMA Equipment List

Must Have MMA Fight Gear For Striking

Must Have MMA Fight Gear For Grappling

More Great MMA Equipment And Supply

MMA Gear Packages

hayabusa MMA gear bundle

MMA Equipment - Striking

Heavy Bag Gloves and Sparring Gloves

venum boxing gloves for mma

You'll need at least 1 pair of top quality boxing gloves.

But if you can afford it, you should definitely invest in 2 pairs of stand up gloves;

- 16oz boxing gloves for sparring

- Heavy bag gloves for pad and heavy bag work!

Make sure to buy high quality gloves to help protect your hands, fists and wrists from the impact of daily training!

MMA Training Gloves

bad boy mma fighting gloves for mma training

Having a pair of MMA fighting gloves is a must if you plan on stepping in the cage one day. Without any type of MMA fighting glove how can you expect to learn to fight MMA?

Make sure to buy a pair with sufficient padding for sparring sessions but comfortable enough where it doesn't effect your grappling game.

You should use these only for MMA sparring, MMA grappling and jiu jitsu now and then... using these for heavy bag work will wear them out quickly and protect your hands less!

MMA or Muay Thai Shin Guards

muay thai top king shin guards pads

Protect your feet, toes and shins whenever you do muay thai technique work or step into the ring or cage to do some full contact sparring.

I've gone through 3 pairs of crappy, cheap Muay thai or MMA shin guards until I finally decided to invest in the best, top quality I could find. Ever since I've bought my new quality shin guards, I've had less broken toes, beat up shins and bruised feet.

It's definitely worth spending a few extra bucks for shin guards that not only will protect you sufficiently, but are easy to strap on and off!

MMA Board Shorts and/or Muay Thai Trunks

venum mma board shorts

Without a pair of either MMA board shorts or muay thai trunks, how can you expect for anyone in the gym to take you seriously?

Sure you could train in regular basketball shorts or track pants, but training in the actual MMA equipment you'll eventually be fighting in is the best way to get comfortable and feel like a part of the MMA world.

My suggestion would be to buy muay thai trunks for a majority of your striking training because it's less restricting than MMA shorts. However most people feel more comfortable wearing the MMA board shorts... it's your choice!

Cup or Groin Protector

jaco guardian compression shorts and cup jock strap

Needless to say, having some sort of groin protector is a necessity for MMA training!

You're a fucking lunatic if you do any sparring without a cup of some sort protecting your family jewels.

Choose any type of MMA groin protection; compression shorts, jock straps or steel cups... regardless of what you choose, just make sure to protect your junk!

Custom Mouth Guard

custom mouth guards puerto rican flag

Another piece of MMA equipment you must absolutely buy is a quality custom mouth guard! Whether you're sparring or hitting a heavy bag, you should almost always be training with a mouth guard in if you plan on MMA fighting.

I have 4 fake teeth and let me tell you one thing... whether you have dental insurance or not, getting your teeth fixed is super expensive

You can choose from various types of mouth guards. But if you want to protect your teeth, your jaw and your tongue before you do any muay thai, boxing or MMA sparring, you should buy a custom made mouth guard!

MMA Hand Wraps

bad boy mma hand wraps for boxing, muay thai

Hand wraps will protect your hands, fists and wrists from the daily impact of your MMA training and striking.

If you plan on taking your training seriously, you'll want to buy more than one pair of MMA hand wraps so you're able to use relatively clean ones every time you train.

Make sure you learn how to wrap your hands properly and securely because in the long run it will help your wrists and fists from being sore!

MMA Head Gear

MMA twins head gear for muay thai

Personally I don't use MMA head gear too often but when I'm sparring tougher, bigger guys than me, I make sure my head doesn't get rocked too much.

If you want to stay healthy (in the short and long term) and be able to train hard day in a day out, investing in a nice piece of MMA head gear is a must!

It's important to read top reviews of MMA headgear to find head gear that fits securely, has the best protection, and still provides enough visibility where you don't get clocked with hard hooks to the chin you didn't see coming! Also check out lower quality types of cheap MMA head gear if you want to try and save a couple bucks!

MMA Equipment - Grappling

Jiu Jitsu Gi

brazilian jiu jitsu bjj gi for MMA fugi bran

All fighters who want to be a real mixed martial artists and really improve their grappling and submissions game have to practice and drill in a Jiu Jitsu Gi!

Professionals who take their jiu jitsu and MMA training seriously stress how in order to really perfect your jiu jitsu and judo techniques, you have to train in a Gi!

Elbow/Knee Pads

elbow and knee pads for MMA grappling

Having a set of elbow and knee pads isn't necessarily the most important pieces of MMA equipment you will use, but they definitely are useful.

Not only are they useful for protecting your elbows and knees in grappling drills, but they will also be valuable when training knee or elbow strikes when sparring a training partner.

If you want to utilize all 8 limbs in sparring then buying a pair of elbow or knee pads would probably be a good idea!

Wrestling Head Gear

venum wrestling head gear for grappling MMA

Some fighters love rockin' their cauliflower ear and representing their grappling background.

But if you're like me, you probably would want to pass on the cauliflower ear if at all possible... and that's where MMA equipment like wrestling head gear comes into play.

Grappling with head gear on is a good way to save your ears from blood build up. The last thing I want to do is ruin my pretty boy looks!

MMA Rash Guards

MMA short sleeve rash guards

Rolling around for jiu jitsu or wrestling usually causes a fair amount of scrapping and mat burn on your arms, legs and body.

Wearing MMA rash guards are great ways to protect from annoying burns on your arm and even diseases from training partners open wounds.

I also use MMA rashguards when I'm cutting weight and have to sweat out a decent amount of water weight!

Other MMA Equipment And Supply

MMA Gym Bags

mma gym bag venum brand

Chances are you have a decent amount of MMA equipment that you can't just fit in a regular backpack every time you head to the gym.

Now take it from me, get a well made MMA gym bag because the cheap ones will rip and tear easily if you put too much of your MMA gear in it

Elevation Training Mask

mma elevation training mask 2.0 for cardio endurance

This thing is so badass!

I just started using the Elevation Training Mask and my workouts have gotten a whole shit ton tougher. It's a great piece of MMA equipment that will help you push your cardio, endurance and stamina to a whole new level!

Try it out the next time you hit the mitts, hit the heavy bag, go for runs and do cardio workouts and tell me it's not an insanely tough piece of MMA gear!

Weighted Vest

UFC weighted vest for mma training hard

Usually when you step into the ring or cage you'll be fighting someone around the same weight as you. Now body weight training is a great addition to your strength and conditioning workouts

But, body weight training with a weighted vest will make you one strong SOB for your weight class!

Jump Ropes

weighted ufc jump rope

Jump ropes have been a staple of boxing, muay thai and MMA for years because it's such a basic piece of equipment that helps with the fundamentals of the sport.

Strengthen your calves, be lighter on your toes and improve your endurance with speed ropes or weighted jump ropes!

Gym Boss Interval Timer

gym boss interval timer rounds for MMA

This little guy has been a great addition to my MMA equipment. Since I have a heavy bag at home I'm able to time my rounds and rest between rounds more efficiently.

I also use the Gym Boss Interval Timer for circuit training workouts for MMA or muay thai, otherwise I usually catch myself taking to long of a break!


Supplements like whey protein, glutamine, creatine and glucosomine are just a few of the great additions you can add to your nutritional diet.

Get your muscles repairing quicker and putting out more effort. Increase your energy and work output!

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