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Top MMA Brands Names List!
Find and Buy From the Best MMA Equipment Brands, Muay Thai Equipment Brands, Jiu Jitsu Gi Brands and MMA Clothing Brands!

Buy the best MMA equipment brands and MMA clothing brands! Shop from the top brands names list like Affliction, TapouT, Hayabusa, Bad Boy, UFC, Venum, Ecko Untld!

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Best MMA Equipment Brands List

Boxing Gloves, MMA Gloves, MMA Shorts, Mouth Guards, Head Gear, Shin Guards, Compression Shorts, Groin Protectors and More!

Bad Boy MMA

bad boy mma brand name logo

The Bad Boy MMA brand is popular amongst Brazilians in particular because of MMA fighters like Mauricio 'Shogun' Rua.

The style MMA gear is unique but some of the Bad Boy MMA equipment reviews suggest that the quality of the Bad Boy MMA brand isn't the best.

Good thing about Bad Boy MMA equipment is that it's relatively cheap and super unique and cool looking!

Century MMA

century mma brands list equipment and gear

Century MMA brand has a wide number of different styles of MMA equipment and gear.

Although the Century MMA brand isn't the most unique looking of other MMA gear, they still offer great quality for a reasonable price!

Check out the entire Century MMA store for a unique blend of clothing, equipment, apparel and supplies!

Combat Sports

combat sports international MMA fight gear

The Combat Sports MMA brand has been around before the explosion of the MMA and UFC.

Since this popular MMA equipment brand has been around for so long, they have perfected a lot of MMA gear and balanced out pricing and quality.

MMA fighters recognize and trust this MMA gear brand and know that it can last through tough, rigorous training sessions!

Fight Dentist

fight dentist mma mouth guards

I'm hoping you can guess what this MMA equipment brand specializes in... MMA and boxing mouth guards!

Whether you want to customize your mouth guard or buy a boil and bite style, Fight Dentist is one, if not THE best MMA mouth guard manufacturer!

Hayabusa MMA

hayabusa mma logo brand name

One of the best mma brands out there is by far the Hayabusa MMA equipment brand.

A majority top level MMA fighters can be seen training or wearing Hayabusa MMA equipment and clothing, so they must be doing something right!

The only set back is the price - but with paying a little bit extra you get top quality mma equipment to use for your training sessions!

Read some Hayabusa MMA reviews to get an idea of how awesome this brand is!


punchtown mma brand uk gea

PunchTown is a leading UK based, high-quality brand offering stylish and innovative products developed specifically for MMA, combat sports and martial arts competition.

The PunchTown MMA Equipment Brand is always evolving and rarely ordinary. PunchTown introduces new products and innovative designs to compliment the ever changing and increasingly popular MMA phenomenon.


Revgear MMA equipment gear brand

RevGear claims to be 'pro gear for pro fighters' and they back it up with some quality gear for reasonable prices.

They have an assortment of MMA equipment products like head gear, boxing gloves, MMA gloves, shin guards, punch mitts and more!

If you're looking for a good balance between quality and price then the RevGear MMA Equipment brand is a solid choice!

Ring To Cage

ring to cage mma brand gear equipment

My MMA gym carries a lot of Ring to Cage MMA equipment brand products and I can personally say that they offer great value!

Ring To Cage, The premium gear line has received excellent reviews from athletes and coaches across the country. Yes, they look good but wait until you try them. You will be amazed by these products!

Shock Doctor

shock doctor mouth guards log

Shock Doctor is the MMA brand of mouth guard that I personally use for all my MMA training and fights.

Not only does Shock Doctor have some of the best mouth guards, they also offer great groin protectors, compression shorts and other useful MMA equipment products!


tapout mma clothing brand logo

TapouT is one of the most popular MMA clothing and equipment brands out there today.

Unfortunately they are much more popular for their clothing because the MMA gear that they supply are pretty low quality.

The TapouT clothing brand is a good choice if you want to buy shirts, pants etc. But you're probably better off buying from a different MMA equipment brand!


UFC logo ultimate fighting championshi

Just like the TapouT brand, the UFC equipment brand is popular amongst the main stream of the MMA world.

Unfortunately the UFC MMA equipment products aren't the best quality so you would be better off with most other MMA equipment brands.

However if you're looking for MMA clothing then UFC clothing is the way to go!


venum mma brand logo

The Venum MMA equipment brand is one of the top up and coming brands out on the market!

They are one of the best MMA brands not only because their products look badass but the quality of their products are a great bang for the buck!

If you're looking for cool looking MMA gear with top quality material, Venum MMA brand is a perfect fit!

Check out some of the best Venum MMA reviews


Best Muay Thai Equipment Brands

Boxing Gloves, Muay Thai Shorts, Shin Pads, Head Gear, Ankle Supports, Arm Bands, Mongkols and More!


kombat muay thai brand equipment

Kombat muay thai equipment has a large variety of gloves, shorts, arm bands, ankle supports, mongkols and elbow pads.

Most of the Kombat gear is super cheap! So if you're looking for some of the cheapest gear then Kombat is the way to go!

Also Kombat takes pride in awesome custom made products like csutom muay thai shorts!

Top King

top king muay thai equipment logo brand

One of my personal favorite brands of muay thai equipment is Top King.

Not only do they have sweet designs for their gloves, shin guards, shorts and other muay thai equipment, but the value can't be beat!

Since using Top King gloves and shin guards I have noticed a huge difference in quality, comfort and protection from other types of MMA equipment brands.


tuff muay thai gear brand name

I don't know too much about the TUFF muay thai equipment brand, but I do know that some of their muay thai gloves and MMA grappling gloves do look pretty bad ass!

The price is reasonable, the designs are cool and most user reviews are above average!

Twins Special

twins special muay thai equipment logo

Twins special is probably the most popular brand that specializes in striking gear for muay thai.

The quality is top notch, the comfort is 2nd to none and the value is great too!

If you're looking for great muay thai or stand up striking equipment for your MMA training, then it'd be a great idea to buy some Twins MMA equipment!

Best Jiu Jitsu Gi Brands

Jiu Jitsu Gi's, Belts, Rashguards and more!


fuji mma jiu jitsu gi's and kimonos

Fuji jiu jitsu gi's are another top of the line grappling gear that you might want to consider getting to improve your MMA game!

Solid, dependable, reliable, and long-lasting. Fuji uniforms and other equipment have been worn by thousands of players for the past 50 years!

Fugi Gi's wear well, the fit well, and are made of fabric that is pure - no smell or unsightly marks. Quality control is one of the company's top concerns!


gameness jiu jitsu gi mma brand

The Gameness MMA equipment brand is known for it's long history of quality, innovation, and value of their jiu jitsu Gi's

All Gameness Gi's are always designed, tested and retested on the mat to provide great form and function.


hayabusa mma logo brand name

Just like all Hayabusa MMA brand equipment, the jiu jitsu gi's are top quality, awesome looking and will last your forever.

Needless to say, if you're a Hayabusa fan like I am then investing in a top notch jiu jitsu gi made from a top tier MMA brand then Hayabusa is the way to go!


tatami jiu jitsu gi logo

Tatami BJJ has a very distinct style and unique looking products!

The Jiu Jitsu Gi has been done over and over again by various MMA equipment brands but Tatami is known for their top quality BJJ gi's that fit comfortably, look really cool and that are relatively cheap and affordable!

Best MMA Clothing Brand Names

affliction clothing mma logo
american fighter mma clothing logo
bad boy clothing mma logo
bjj life jiu jitsu mma clothing logo

clinch gear mma brand name logo
contract killer clothing mma logo brand
dethrone royalty mma brand name logo
ecko untld logo brand name clothing

hayabusa mma clothing and apparel
headrush mma clothing brand name
jaco mma brand name logo clothing and gear
metal mulisha clothing mma brand

punishment athletics mma clothing logo
Ranger up tim kennedy mma clothing
rvca mma brand name clothing line
tapout mma clothing brand logo

throwdown MMA clothing brand logo
triumph united mma clothing line brand name
ufc clothing brand line
under armour clothing brand name line

Venum MMA clothing brand name logo
xtreme couture clothing line brand name

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