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How long does it take to get a Judo Black Belt?

Getting any kind of the black judo belts is not easy. I’m sure you want to hear that it takes a year or two, but good luck with that... it’s not a mail order thing where you can just go around telling people your a black belt without putting the hours of hard work and training the proper judo grappling techniques Receiving your judo black belt is the first rank to signify completion of the first step of training. Shodan, the 1st degree of the black belt, literally means "first level" or "beginning step." To get a black belt you need to simply find a good teacher and train your ass off. People say the lessons learned along the way to attain your black belt are more important than the black belt itself.

Train hard, be humble, don't brag, show off or complain, and make sure you give your best not in only receiving a black belt but in everything in your life as well. Black belts are often ordinary people who try harder, persist and refuse to give up. Any of the Judo belts can be achieved in spite of any weaknesses you may have.

Belts Ranking System

  • Rokyu 6th Class - White Belt
  • Gokyu 5th Class - White Belt (Yellow Junior Belt)
  • Yonkyu 4th Class - White Belt (Orange Junior Belt)
  • Sankyu 3rd Class - Brown Belt (Green Junior Belt)
  • Nikyu 2nd Class - Brown Belt (Blue Junior Belt)
  • Ikkyu 1st Class - Brown Belt (Purple Junior Belt)
  • Shodan 1st Degree - Black Belt
  • Nidan 2nd Degree - Black Belt
  • Sandan 3rd Degree - Black Belt
  • Yodan 4th Degree - Black Belt
  • Godan 5th Degree - Black Belt
  • Rokudan 6th Degree - Black or Red and White
  • Shichidan 7th Degree - Black or Red and White
  • Hachidan 8th Degree - Black or Red and White
  • Kudan 9th Degree - Black or Red
  • Judan 10th Degree - Black or Red

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