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Basic Jiu Jitsu Techniques And BJJ Moves To Improve Your MMA Game

If you want to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu submissions, moves and techniques properly you need patience, perseverance and to be constantly drilling the same moves over and over.

Ever wonder why Jiu Jitsu has been so prevalent in MMA? Because there are tons of Jiu Jitsu techniques that are effective in controlling your opponent and even dismantling your opponent!

If you plan on surviving when first stepping into an MMA gym or on a jiu jitsu mat there are Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training Tips you need to know and be aware of so you don't lose complete confidence in yourself when you get tapped every 2 seconds.

Basic Jiu Jitsu Positions

brazilian jiu jitsu techniques arm bar in a gi

There are 4 basic positions in BJJ you need to know;

A good idea to help from getting tapped every time you roll with a higher ranked belt than you, is to learn how to pass guard so you can get into better positions for submissions.

Another good idea is knowing common escapes from bad positions to keep from being submitted. Otherwise your neck will be stiff the next day like you have no idea.

Advanced Jiu Jitsu Positions

There's a handful of advanced BJJ positions out there, these are the ones I'm familiar with;

But make sure you learn the fundamentals and basics before you start implementing more advanced techniques into your repertoire!

The 4 Basic BJJ Techniques Videos


The armbar is a great finisher that should be practiced by every BJJ or MMA fighter. The one showed and explained is an armbar from closed guard, but there are many other variations of the armbar from other positions as well... closed guard is the most basic.

-Secure your opponents right arm with your left hand.

-Reach across with your right hand and grab the back of his right triceps firmly, while simultaneously lifting your hips from the floor

-Pull his arm across your chest and hug it close to your body while controlling his posture and bringing him closer to you.

-Open your guard, use your hips and throw your left leg over his face in a reverse crunching motion. Use your free hand to move his head in the direction you need it to go.

-Lock his shoulder down by using force from your leg

-Extend your hips, control the arm and make sure his arm is bent the way it shouldn't be bent

Triangle Choke

With the triangle choke your using your leg and his shoulder to choke him unconscious... the triangle is one of the most basic chokes.

-Have control is your closed guard

-Bring one of your opponents arm in and pin it across your chest so it can't be moved.

-Bring your leg over your opponents free arm side and wrap it tightly over his head by lifting your hips and swinging your leg.

-Grab that same legs shin and bring downwards to control your opponents posture and have him close to you while keeping control of the trapped arm

-Swing your other leg over and lock it with your other legs ankle.

-Pull your opponents head down, squeeze your knees together and make sure your opponents arm is still across his body or the choke won't be effective.

Learn how to defend the triangle choke!


The kimura is a great basic move to learn because it's easy and a lot of other submission options come from attempting it.

- Break your opponents posture by using your legs to bring him towards you pushing his arms to the side on the mat. Or if your lucky he'll already have his hand on the mat

- Grab your opponents right wrist with your left hand.

- Sit up and angle your hips towards the arm you have in control and reach over with your other arm to grab your own wrist.

- Lie back down, keep your opponents shoulder locked and turn into your opponent while bringing his arm towards his head.


Guillotine is probably the easiest choke to learn when your first beginning brazillian jiu jitsu. It can be done from several positions, all basically the same way but with small variations.

- In guard (or standing) pull your opponents head down by placing your hand on the back of his neck

- Get a headlock position by putting your arm around his head, sliding your forearm down under his chin and across his neck. Make sure your forearm not your fist is across his neck

- Grasp your wrist with your other hand keeping your grip on his neck tight

- Stand up straight/lift your hips and twist your hips into the choke

The Rear Naked Choke is also a good beginner jiu jitsu submission to learn!

Other Useful Jiu Jitsu Tips

Royce Gracie (who trains in a Jiu Jitsu Gi) and the great Gracie family has helped evolve the ancient martial art and has created new jiu jitsu moves and techniques that can be used in nearly any position at any point in a fight.

When I first started learning Jiu Jitsu Techniques I thought I’d be handling myself well without a problem, since I was strong for my weight and in good cardio shape from muay thai... but I was as wrong.

I learned quickly (by getting my ass handed to me constantly) that you don’t need speed or strength to be a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (although it certainly helps), all you need is the right technique, control of your body and presence of mind to pull it off. BJJ is like chess in a sense, your always looking steps ahead of your opponent.

Jiu Jitsu Techniques are vital to know for any MMA athlete for many reasons, the main one is being able to defend yourself while your on your back, but other than just defense, Jiu Jitsu should be a form of offense as well.

Breaking your opponents arm, choking your opponent until his veins explode in his head or forcing your opponent to tap are a few ways you can use Jiu Jitsu techniques in the context of a MMA cage fight.

When Jiu Jitsu burst on the scene of MMA, no one knew how to defend it or even what to expect from BJJ practitioners. People would be stunned by skinny guys tapping out huge muscle bound meatheads with ease.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is no suprise anymore and it’s moves and techniques are practiced by the every MMA fighter. Without the knowledge of BJJ you can expect to lose nearly any mixed martial arts fight you plan on being in... so if you plan on fighting in MMA, you better know your Jiu Jitsu.

Now being an amateur in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu I am always looking for new ways to improve my game and learn new Jiu Jitsu techniques and moves. I’ve rolled with all different types of practitioners of Jiu Jitsu but I want to know what it’s like to roll with some of the best in the country it has been practiced religiously.

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