How To Knock Someone Out

how to knock someone out, a punch to the jaw will usually knock someones teeth out

So you want to know how to knock someone out huh? Well professional MMA fighters and combat athletes make it look a lot easier than it is... but there are a few hints and tips that you should consider when trying to land a one punch knockout or multiple knock out punches.

But before even giving you tips on the ways to knock someone out, you should understand what causes a knockout by looking some of these boxing knock out videos

How to Throw a Knockout Punch:

Before you even think about being able to throw a knockout punch, you should at the very least learn some of the basics about boxing like the stance, how punches should be thrown, what punches can be thrown and so on... so take a look at these Boxing Tips to get the main idea.

After you read through the boxing basics now your more or less ready to learn how to knock someone out.

Have you ever knocked someone out?

Do you know what it feels like to connect with a overhand right or a roundhouse kick to the jaw of your opponent? Share your story!

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Knockout Tip #1: Accuracy

manny pacquiao knocking out ricky hatton by punching him on the sweet spot or chin

Accuracy is the most important part of landing the right punch to drop someone to the canvas. You can punch someone repeatedly in the face and not do enough damage to knock them out because your not hitting the right spot! Now don’t get me wrong... getting punched in the nose, eye or forehead hurts like a bitch but it usually won’t do enough damage to the brain to shut it off.

Aim for the jaw or the temple area of the head.

If you hit the jaw, preferably the lower part (mandible) it will hit the cranial nerve and send a shock to the brain to shut off all non-automatic activity and put your opponent to sleep.

If you hit the temple it will bounce the brain around the skull wall and cause the brain to concuss and bruise... therein leading to a concussion due to trauma to the brain stem.

Knockout Tip #2: Power

Now if you think slapping someone in the jaw or temple will eventually knock them out, your a dumbass... you need some kind of leverage and power behind your punches in order for any damage to be done.

Power comes from learning the proper technique of punching and not so much muscle strength. So for instance, a bodybuilder might look like a strong dude (which he is) but it has nothing to do with his punching power due to the fact that punching is all muscle memory.

Practice punching a heavy bag. Don't have a heavy bag? See what types of heavy punching bag to get for your home.

Or begin a professional MMA Strength And Conditioning Program to add to your punching power and other strikes!

You could always take take boxing lessons and practice sparring. If you want to lift weights to gain punching power, look to do explosive movements for your back, chest and shoulders because those are the primary muscles used while punching. But almost more important than training your upper body is training your core, because ultimately that is where all your power is going to be coming from... so having a 6 pack definitely helps.

Knockout Tip #3: Don’t get KO’d yourself

Now chances are if your trying to knock someone out, that someone might try to knock you out right? Defense is key to preventing a knock out (obviously) so you should always be prepared for any kind of strike thats coming your way. Have your hands up to protect your head and keep a strong guard so your opponents punches don’t go through it.


Taking in consideration the three main concepts of how to knock someone out you now should know what it takes to deliver that one punch knockout. BUT don’t think everyone you hit will let you hit them or get knocked out automatically just because you punch them pretty hard on the chin with a good defense... some people can take a punch better than others so just be aware that you might just piss off the dude your trying to knockout and make him want to hurt you even more.

And just because you have the knowledge and ability to knock someone out doesn't mean you should go around practicing putting people to sleep... its not cool and kind of a douchebag thing to do.

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