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Integrating a Heavy Bag Workout into any of your MMA or boxing training programs is a MUST! If you neglect heavy bag training you can’t expect to get the great benefits that come from any punching bag workout.

What Benefits Can You Expect From Heavy Bag Training?

If you were to follow through with a punching bag workout you can expect to:

  • Improve your cardio conditioning
  • Become more fluent in throwing effective, powerful combinations
  • Develop explosive, powerful punches, kicks, elbows and knees
  • Improve your overall defense
  • Increase rotational core strength
  • Quicken and perfect your footwork

Now I can guarantee that all boxers and fighters would want to improve in all areas of the fight game that I just mentioned, so why wouldn’t you?

Things To Consider When Starting Boxing Training Programs:

When you begin integrating a punching bag workout into your training routine, you want listen to these key boxing training tips:

Train In Intervals - Just like if you were in an actual boxing/MMA match, you want to train in intervals. Not only will high intensity interval training improve your cardio, but it will improve the specific conditioning you need for whatever combat sport you participate in.

  • If you're a boxer hit the heavy bag for 3 minutes, then rest for 1 and repeat.
  • If you're a muay thai boxer, then you have 2 minutes of rest between rounds.
  • If you're an MMA fighter then you have 5 long minutes and 1 short minute of rest.

Have A Plan - It’s one thing to hit the heavy bag to work on your conditioning, but it’s another thing to hit the heavy bag to work on your conditioning, technique, footwork and power! Don’t just go through the motions and punch the heavy bag with no intensity or game plan!

Do your heavy bag training with a purpose!

  • What combinations are you going to work on?
  • What techniques need to be improved?
  • How does your footwork correlate with your punches or kicks?
  • Are you keeping your chin down and your defense tight?

These are all questions you should be asking yourself over and over again whenever you're doing any heavy bag workout or any boxing training programs.

Push Yourself! - Easier said than done! But you need to be mindful about what you're doing in order to get the full benefit of a punching bag workout. Make sure you're pushing yourself the entire round your hitting the bag. Keep your defense up the whole time as if you were sparring or in an actual fight. Don’t Slack!!!

Beginner Heavy Bag Workout For Boxers

If you're just beginning boxing, or not 100% what you should be doing when you're doing heavy bag training, give this little boxing workout routine a try:

Round 1: Use only your jab and cross - When jabbing work on keeping your chin protected with your opposite hand and extending your jab completely in a ‘snapping’ motion.

When throwing a cross rotate through your hips and throw your opposite shoulder back and keep your opposite hand protecting your chin

Round 2: Double jab and cross - Make sure to have your fist come back to your chin in between jabs so you get full power and optimal defense

Round 3: Jab and left hook - Keep your elbow high when throwing a hook to protect your chin and to get around your opponents defense. Practice leading with a jab and then following with a hook or; feint (fake) a jab and throw a hook instead

Round 4: Jab and overhand right (or left) - Work on setting up your overhand power punch by working your jab first and coming over top with your overhand. Again keep your chin tucked and guard up when your jabbing or throwing your overhand.

Round 5: Uppercuts - Practice throwing uppercuts to the body and keeping your guard up. Make sure to use your torso to maximize power!

If you want to workout through 5 rounds continue to work on simple combinations and defense. It sounds easy but really focus on whenever you throw a right hand, to have your left hand up in guard (and vice versa). The littlest hole in your defense can lead to you getting a black eye!

Advanced Heavy Bag Workout For Boxers

If you're comfortable throwing combinations and know what combinations work best for you here are a few things you should work on:

Power: For one whole round work on throwing PURE POWER with a certain combination over and over again. This will help you develop not only more power, but more endurance so you will be more dangerous at the end of a round.

Footwork: The most overlooked aspect of any heavy bag workout is concentrating on your footwork. Make sure you're planted when you throw your punches and you're getting different angles when moving around the bag. Don’t stand straight in front of the bag!!!

weight MMA boxing gloves for heavy bag training

Speed: Don’t worry about so much throwing power, worry about landing the quickest combinations you can. This will help your punches become more fluent when you try to chain them together and it will become more second nature.

I personally have used weighted boxing gloves and they have helped me tremendously in increasing my punching speed, explosiveness and power!

Defense: Just like a beginner’s boxing workout, work on your defense! Just because you can punch hard and have quick hands doesn’t mean you should skip concentrating on your defense. Keep a tennis ball under your chin to help keeping your chin tucked, and make sure the hand you're not using to strike with is protecting your head!

Why You Should Get Your Own Heavy Bag

100lbs ufc black leather heavy bag for punching bag workouts

The benefits that come from training with a heavy bag are amazing whether you are training for an upcoming fight or just training to get in better shape!

Whether you do MMA, boxing or muay thai for recreation or as a profession, if you have a heavy bag around your house then there's no excuse to get better!

- You can train any time of the day

- Even 10 minutes of training will help you improve your strikes

- Your cardio conditioning will improve by leaps and bounds

- There's no excuse to miss a training session even if it's a holiday and the gym is closed!

There's a variety of heavy bags to choose from. Check out the link for ideas of different heavy bags and get free shipping with any of your purchases!

Regardless of if you're a beginner or advanced boxer/fighter, make sure you are having fun and switching your heavy bag workout up every once in awhile! A dull, repetitive, mundane heavy bag boxing training program will lull you into a false sense of security where you won’t be improving at all!

Work on different combination, push yourself past your comfort zone and focus on what you're doing!

Heavy Bag Workout to Boxing Training Tips

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