Circuit Training For MMA Fighters

An important facet to improving your fight game is doing circuit training for MMA. Circuit training will help you in improve as a fighter in multiple ways - it’ll push your strength conditioning, strength endurance, cardio conditioning and mental toughness... pretty much everything there is to MMA conditioning

You’ll go through excruciating circuit training routines that will make you want to stop and take a break... but don’t you bitch, keep going.

You know why you don’t stop? A couple reasons:

1) Circuit training routines are defined as: a workout technique involving a series of exercises performed in rotation with minimal rest, often using different pieces of apparatus.

2) You have to learn to push through the pain if your going to be a fighter

3) It’ll get the results you need for MMA conditioning - explosiveness strength and strength endurance, cardio endurance and more

4) The relatively short, but intense workout will make you feel like an absolute monster if you make it through

5)Your not a bitch, so don’t take extra long breaks to catch your wind. Your opponent isn’t going to give you a break, so why should you?
So basically circuit training routines are a must if your looking to be a fighter. One of the main athletes condoning this great form of exercise is MMA fighter Randy Couture. He’s basically wrote the book on MMA workouts , MMA conditioning and circuit training and is proof that this shit right here works.

Here is Randy doing one of his many circuit training for MMA routines:

Now keep in mind that the following circuit training MMA workouts are intense, difficult and by no means are for the weak minded. Some of the exercises you might not be able to do, so just substitute them with exercises that are similar but not as intense and you’ll be fine.

I personally try not to take any breaks in between because I'm hardcore like that, but every once in awhile a quick 10 second breather can help get more out of the next exercise:

Circuit MMA Workouts #1

- Elevated Plyometric Push-ups - 6 Repetitions

- Jump Squats - 10 repetitions

- One Arm Pushups - 8 reps (Wide Pushups if not able to perform one-arms)

- Sledge Hammer to Tire - 30 seconds

- Burpees - 30 seconds

Circuit MMA Workouts #2

- Staggered Pushup w/ Medicine Ball - 8 reps each arm

- Partner Squats - 10 reps

- Close grip Pull ups - 8-10 reps

- Dumbbell Snatch - 8 reps

- Wind sprints - 5 reps

Circuit MMA Workouts #3

- Medicine Ball Punch Pass - 6 reps each arm

- Forward Dumbbell Lunge - 12 reps

- Barbell Bent Over Row - 10 reps

- Medicine Ball Slam - 12 reps

- Plank - 1 minute

All in all circuit training workouts vary in so many different ways that there are unlimited number of possibilities for circuit exercises to implement into your MMA workouts. You can take different body weight exercises to add into the workout, or olympic lifts, high intensity interval training, .. anything really.

Keep an open mind and try to create your own circuit training for MMA that you feel will work everything you need to be worked. I’m sure there are better circuits than the one’s above, what are your circuit training routines like?

Have a better circuit routine than mine? Show me what's good

If you think you have a better circuit training routine than any of the onoes shown or just want to share some of the intense MMA workouts you do, tell everyone how bad ass your workouts are!

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M-100's (mandatory 100s) Not rated yet
10 burpees

10 jumping jacks

10 squat jumps

Do until you make it too 100 reps of each of the exercises.

Don't be a bitch.

ERROL Circuit  Not rated yet
I got two circuits my MMA coach has made me run through.

1st ones way easier then the second

1st: lets call it stability and controll circuit

-Rubber …

3C80 workout 
warm up 2min skipping

2min jumping jacks

1min machine guns following stretches

x3 circuts

circut (1) all exercises …

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