Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Techniques From Mount

Mount position is only very dominant in BJJ if you know the right Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Techniques. If you don’t know what to do when you get mount it can be an uncomfortable stare down between one guy laying straddled on top of another... don’t let it come to that.

In MMA you have the luxury of being able to punch and elbow your opponent to a bloody pulp, but in BJJ submissions are the name of the game and therefore you have to know at least a handful to be efficient from mount position.

If your still not comfortable in mount and your opponent has an easy time escaping mount, you can always jump to side control where there are a lot of possibilities to tap your opponent out as well.

But to be well versed in BJJ make sure you know some of these common Jiu Jitsu Techniques from mount:

How to Keep Mount Position:

Many fighters find mount unstable, so here are a few tips to be more comfortable in this dominating position:

Stablize First - the key is getting the position first, not the submission. Be patient, your on top of the dude with all your body weight, you should be able to control him. Just getting and stabilizing the mount position will tire out and demoralize your opponent while your planning your submission out.

Use High Mount - your opponents bridge won’t be nearly as effective with your ass on his chest and knees in his armpits.

Watch For The Bridge - be ready to base out when your opponent is trying to escape the mount using the “upa” or another bjj technique. Always have an available post whether its your arm, elbow or head to base out.

Leg and Feet Control - be squeezing your opponents midsection with your thighs and use your feet to control his hips by putting them underneath and grabbing them. with a Gi there are so many more options from mount position. The rodeo mount is when your grab your opponents collar with one hand and grab one of their knees with the other while pulling them up and driving down on their midsection with your body weight.

Hold His Head - if your cradling your opponents head he has that much less power to his bridge.

Submissions From Mount Position

Triangle Choke

There are other variations for performing the triangle choke , this one is from mount:


Mount Chain Attack

A chain attack is simply chaining attacks together to form one fluent submission. There are a lot more variations than just this one alone:

If he ends up giving you his back you can always go for the Rear Naked Choke

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