The Best Boxing Mouth Guards Reviews

If you plan to practice or compete in MMA, boxing or any combat sport, boxing mouth guards should be on the list of what MMA Equipment to buy.

You should be munching down on boxing mouth guard whether your sparring, fighting or even hitting the heavy bag. Not only will wearing one of the best mouth guard protect your teeth but it will also protect you from getting knocked out!

But keep in mind that even the best mouth guard won’t protect you completely from any type of injury, although I’m sure you wouldn’t mind taking the extra precaution to make sure you have all your teeth in your mouth after a long, brutal sparring session!

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Types Of Boxing Mouth Guards

There are a few types of sports mouth guards to choose from, here’s a rundown of what’s out there:
shock doctor boxing best mouth guards Shock Doctor Mouth Guards are probably the most well known of the boxing mouth guards today. A large reason a shock doctor mouthguard is recommended is because of how effective they are in protecting your teeth (and you) from getting knocked out!

Custom Mouth Guards might ultimately be your best option if you want the best protection possible. Now most boxing mouthguards do form around your teeth when you mold them by boiling water... but custom boxing mouth guards are even more effective because they are made specifically for your jawline!

Boil And Bite Mouth Guards The following types of mouthguards should be made from a gel like plastic that becomes nice and soft when it’s boiled. When you boil the mouthguard for anywhere between 10-30 seconds you should be able to chomp down (after cooling it down for a couple seconds in cold water) and form a groove of your teeth so your mouthguard fits comfortably.

After you mold the mouthpiece correctly you can trim it with scissors to fit even more comfortably in your mouth. Sometimes you can even boil it again and redo the whole process until it feels comfortable!

When it comes down to it read the directions to your specific mouthguard and it will answer all your questions like; How long to boil a mouthguard - How long to mold a mouthguard - How to shape a mouth guard - And how to fit a mouth guard.

  • Single Mouth Guards are the least expensive, therefore the least effective in protecting you from injury. The main purpose of these mouthguards are to stop your teeth from slamming together when you make contact. They are often used in other sports, but if your a fighter of any kind you should do yourself a favor an invest in a real mouthguard!
  • Padded Double Mouth Guards have been designed to give a bit to help in cushioning the jaw impact. They are much better than single mouth guards because of the extra padding which can help reduce injury to your mandible (jaw). Double mouth guards are molded to your teeth by boiling and biting, but often times they can be tough to fit around both sets of teeth. If you have trouble fitting a double mouth guard, get a custom made mouth guard instead.

How To Clean A Sports Mouth Guard

Keeping a clean mouthguard is important if you don’t want to get sick or chew on some nasty bacteria, so here are a few tips to keep your mouth guard nice and sparkly clean:

  • Dry it out as soon as your done using it
  • Soak it in mouthwash or rinse it in water
  • Brush your teeth before wearing it
  • If your mouthguard is white/clear, you can tell if it’s dirty or not easier than if it’s black
  • Get a new one once your current one has too many bite marks or is just plain nasty!

What I'd Recommend

custom made shock doctor mouth guard for boxing mma and any sport

I personally use a custom made shock doctor mouth guard to get the best mouth guard possible! Since Shock Doctor is probably the must trusted brand in mouthguards I figured if I were to get a custom made Shock Doctor I would be set!

I couldn't be happier with how my custom made shock doctor has worked out. Just for a little tidbit - I have 5 fake teeth from a variety of different sporting injuries, but since I got this mouthguard I haven't lost any!

Now I know custom made mouthguards are expensive but so is putting new teeth in your mouth (take it from me), so investing in the best mouth guard that you can is one of the best things you can do for yourself!

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