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So what exactly causes a boxing knock out?

Getting punched in the head or face hard usually does it. But on the more technical aspect of it all, concussions are the main factor in the eventual collapse to a boxer. Although there are such things as one punch knockouts, most knockouts commonly come from a string of quick punches that cause concussions and eventually lead to the fighter dropping to the canvas.

A concussion is defined as any head injury that causes disruption to neurological function. Here how it works:

Every time you get hit in the head your body is trying to balance the levels of potassium and calcium (together known as electrolytes that conduct impulses). While your body is trying to maintain the electrolyte balance, it gradually becomes harder and harder to maintain and the more energy is spent throughout the process. At the point where the damage is severe enough, the brain shuts down to conserve energy to fix the injured neurons at a later point.

Usually you can almost foresee knock out coming due to a fighters loss of coordination in the feet and lower body. When the brain is impaired and the neural networks are disrupted by a concussion, the loss of the coordination in the feet is imminent.

It’s often you’ll hear that a boxer or fighter ‘lost their feet’, and all that means is that they’re that much closer to losing the fight.

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