Best Leg Exercises For Explosive MMA Power

The Best Exercises For Legs To Help You Create The Best Leg Workout

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Since I’ve been dealing with a hand injury, I’ve started implementing the best leg exercises into my MMA training routine to increase power, explosion and endurance.

I figure the best thing I can do is to work different areas of my fight game since I am unable to spar, hit the pads or do much when it comes to technical work. So instead of being a lazy bum and feeling sorry for myself, I created the best leg workout I could to help with my fight game.

The more I work on my legs the more power and explosion I’ll have in my kicks, takedowns, and various other aspects of my game. I made sure to take this time to research and find out what the best leg exercises are for MMA so I can create the best MMA workout for building leg strength.

When it comes to the amount of reps I do for each leg strengthening exercise, I concentrate on creating more power and explosiveness to my fight game while still making sure my endurance is worked on as well.

For instance, when I do 3 reps, it’s 3 reps with MAXIMUM INTENSITY and there is almost no way I’ll be able to do a 4th. After the first few sets I finish up with a set of exercises for legs with high repetitions, around 20+ to really fatigue the muscles and build the endurance.

If your new to a MMA weight training program, start off slow and gradually build up. The last thing you want to do is injure yourself the first week you begin your MMA training routine!

The Best Leg Workout For MMA Training

The Best Leg Exercises For MMA Strength Conditioning

Before I even start lifting weights I loosen up my legs with some kind of warm up - usually 1 mile run. Once I’m warm and the blood is flowing, I concentrate on loosening up my legs, back, core and shoulders even more by doing some dynamic stretches so I don’t injure myself.

Heavy Lifts:

I start off with the powerful, dynamic, heavy lifts because they really focus on increasing strength and power to not only my legs, but to my core too. Not to mention lifts like squats and lunges are the best leg exercises for explosive MMA power that will help you in various aspects of your MMA fighting game.

  • Squats - 4 sets - 1, 3, 5, 20
  • Lunges - 4 sets - 1, 3, 5, 20 (each leg)
  • Bench Lunges - 3 sets - 3, 5, 20 (each leg)
  • Step Ups - 3 sets - 3, 3, 20 (each leg)
  • Cal Raises - 3 sets - 20, 20, 20


Body weight workouts (calisthenics) are essential for MMA fighters because they will increase the endurance and strength based on whatever weight class you will be fighting in. Add weighted calisthenics to really make it tough and get the best results from your workout for legs.

  • Vertical Jumps - 2 sets - 20
  • Weighted Vertical Jumps - 2 sets - 10
  • Box Jumps - 2 sets - 20
  • Weighted Box Jumps - 2 sets - 20


Every MMA workout you do should end with a solid abs routine to round out the entire MMA training routine.

  • Incline Weighted Sit-ups - 3 sets - 5, 5, 20
  • Incline Weighted Twists - 3 sets - 5, 5, 20
  • Weighted Leg Lifts - 3 sets - 5, 5, 20
  • Back Extensions - 3 sets


Typically after a tough ass leg workout like the one above, you won’t have the energy to get a good cardio session in. Take a break or a day off and then do your cardio as a separate workout.

This entire best leg workout for MMA will help you develop power, strength and explosiveness for any sport you do. I started adding this MMA training routine to my workout regimen and can already see results coming from the intensity of the leg workout.

These best leg exercises for MMA will improve you by leaps and bounds, but intense leg workouts like these should only be done 1-2 times a week depending on your training schedule. It’s important to split your MMA training routine up so this way you can get maximum results. Other than this best leg workout for MMA, I do a tough chest workout and a powerful back workout to add overall strength conditioning to my routine.

If you want more, there are full, complete MMA Conditioning Programs created by top tier strength and conditioning coaches and athletes. Definitely check them out!

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