The Best Bicep Workout Routine

But if your looking for the best bicep workout that will help your bicep peaks and get you the biggest biceps around, look no further. Whether your trying to tone your biceps or trying to get them to have massive bicep peaks like Popeye, there are a few exercises you can't neglect when concentrating on your biceps.

Keep in mind that isolating biceps probably shouldn’t be a priority if your training for MMA. Although there are some benefits of having stronger biceps, you shouldn't be focusing on aesthetics, rather you should be focusing on functional strength. There are some great exercises you should use regardless if your an MMA fighter or avid gym goer listed below.

Here are the best bicep exercises to get the biggest biceps:


If your capable enough to do chin-ups, you definitely should. I love body weight exercises and this is my favorite exercise in general. Chin-ups are performed with your palms facing inwards towards you, helping you work your bicep peaks more than if they were facing outward (pull up).

If your not able to do chin-ups, try to find a chair to stand on to help with pulling yourself up... or maybe the gym you go to has an assisted chin up machine that can help you perform the exercise!

Incline Dumbbell Curls

Incline dumbbell curls are essential for the best bicep workout because they isolate your bicep and if done correctly, has a wide range of motion.

I've found that this exercise in particular has helped with getting my bicep peaks more noticeable. I start with heavier weight and gradually go down until I can't feel my arms anymore. In every fitness magazine that has articles on biceps, they always recommend incline dumbbell curls to get the biggest biceps.

Standing Barbell Curl

A great exercise but often performed with terrible form. I use the wall to keep my back from swaying and helping with momentum to bring the bar up rather than concentrating on my biceps. Now its not horrible to sway a little bit towards the end to get an extra rep or two but you don't want to overdo it and tweak your back.

Stay in control of your body and visualize your biceps growing while your lifting, that will help isolate your biceps more and get them to their full potential.

Supinated Bent Over Row

In order to have the best biceps workout you need to integrate this movement because its one of the best bicep exercises to do. Supinated grip means your palms are facing outward, isolating your biceps more, helping with the biceps peak. This exercise is great because you can do more weight than just regular biceps curls and it'll help strengthen your back as well. You can use a barbell or dumbbells when performing this exercise.

Hammer Curls

Hammer curls are essential to the best bicep workout because they work the other head of your bicep more than most other exercises do. Usually your able to do more hammer curling than you are regular curling, but doing both types of curls are vital to building the biggest biceps.

My Best Bicep Workout Routine

Heres the best bicep workout that works great for me and I'm sure will work great for you:

Chin-Ups - 2 Sets - Maximum Repetitions

Bent Over Row - 5 Sets - 6,6,10,15,20

Chin-Ups- 1 Set - Max

Incline Dumbbell Curl - 5 Sets 6,6,10,15,20

Chin-Ups - 1 Set - Max

Standing Barbell Curl - 5 Sets 6,6,10,15,20

Chin-Ups - 1 Set - Max

Hammer Curls - 3 Sets 10,10,10 (or a drop set)

Typically I don’t perform this routine because it doesn’t necessarily benefit me as much as full body workouts or different workouts more directed towards MMA training. But when I was personal training and just trying to get ‘jacked’ this definitely did the trick.
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