BJJ Techniques - The Best Mount Escapes

Knowing BJJ techniques doesn’t mean only knowing how to choke people and break peoples arms, it also means knowing how to stop from people choking you or snapping your arm in half... which believe it or not is a good thing to know when your training in BJJ or MMA.

Escapes are just as essential BJJ techniques to know as submissions. Without knowing the right escapes for certain compromising positions it is almost a guarantee to be put into a hold or submission that you can’t possibly get out of. Not to mention escapes also help you gain dominant position on your opponent so your able to deal damage to that same dude who tried to break you arm.

Because I’m such a nice guy I decided to give you the best jiu jitsu techniques for escapes from the mount where you’d normally get your arm torqued or face beaten in... you can thank me later when your still looking pretty because of me.

On the other hand if your in dominating position you'll probably need to know submissions from the mount.

First before you learn to escape you have to know the concept of “shrimping” so watch this quick video if you don’t know what it is or how to do it.

Escape From Mount

Chances are, especially if your new to the sport of MMA of BJJ, that you’ll find yourself with a guy straddled on top of you getting ready to either bust your face open or break your arm. So it’s key to know at least one of the basic, fundamental jiu jitsu techniques to escape from this shitty position without getting submitted or beat to a bloody pulp.

“Upa” Escape from Mount

Now most BJJ practitioners prefer the method of “Upa” because you’ll end up on top position in their guard. Upa is the concept of neutralizing your opponents posts on one side of their body so your able to throw them to that same side. This is how it’s done:

-Use your elbows to get your opponent lower on your body (not sitting right on top of your chest)

-Control one of his arms by grabbing it with your hands

-Bring your feet right up to your ass while putting your right foot on the outside of their left foot so it’s trapped.

-Bridge hard (thrust your hips upwards) and roll to the right

-With their left foot and arm trapped they wont be able to base out and stop from rolling - and that’s when you’ll be on top in their guard

Here’s a video to show you:

Knee to Elbow Escape from Mount to Half Guard

This escape is a little bit easier for beginners just because it’s less to remember and basically only takes the shrimping motion to execute.

Use your elbows to get their mount lower on your body

straighten your left leg and press it flat into the mat and turn onto your left hip block their right knee with one or two hands

Use your right leg to hook their right leg and pull it across your left leg so you can get into half guard

Turn onto your right hip and fight for full guard or a sweep

Knowing these two fundamental yet vital BJJ techniques is essential to any Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or MMA fighter. Without knowing how to escape mount you can expect to be as ugly as Sloth from the Goonies, so I’d recommend practicing these mount escapes until they’re second nature to you.

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