10 Minute Abs Workout For MMA Fighters

Manny Pacquiao Intense 10 Minute Abs Workout For MMA Fighters and Combat Sport Athletes

If you want one of the best intense ab workouts for MMA then try the Manny Pacquiao 10 minute abs workout for MMA fighters and combat sports athletes!

Any fitness freak, athlete or fighter should consider ending all workouts with some kind of core strengthening workout or intense ab workout routine.

There are a number of great, intense ab workouts for MMA that you could finish nearly every workout with to help you not only get ripped abs, but ripped FUNCTIONAL abs that will help you increase your rotational strength in whatever sport you participate in... especially MMA!

Think about it - the stronger your core the more efficient you’ll be at:

  • swinging a baseball bat, tennis racket, hockey stick etc.
  • throwing a punch, kick, knee and elbow
  • tossing your opponent around the wrestling mat
  • taking punches and other strikes to the stomach
  • the list goes on and on!

The great thing about doing 10 minute abdominal workouts is that it can be done with no equipment! Here’s boxing legend Manny Pacquiao 10 minute abdominal workout that you can do for your MMA training!

Manny Pacquiao 10 Minute Abs
10 Minute Intense Ab Workout For Athletes

If that 10 minute intense abs workout by Manny Pacquiao isn't for you, or if you want to just add more intense ab exercises and workout routines to your training regimen, you should definitely consider pilates ab exercises!

Some of the best exercises for abs can be found in nearly any pilates workout routine you stumble across. It’s a common misconception that pilates is a woman’s form of ab exercises... trust me, regardless whether you're a guy or girl, lasting through an entire 10 minute workout of pilates is no easy task.

If you’ve never tried pilates before, step out of your comfort zone and give it a try at least once! If the intense ab workout doesn’t make you sweat or ache then by all means try different six pack exercises or other intense 10 minute core workouts... but I can say from personal experience that pilates is no joke and you WILL feel a burn.

Try this 10 minute intense pilates ab workout and see how you hold up!

There’s an infinite number of hard, intense 10 minute core workouts that you can do and a majority of them have no equipment involved whatsoever! That leaves no excuse to skip out on doing 10 minutes of abs at least 3-4 times a week!

Start your morning off with a quick, intense ab workout or finish your day with a pilates session... it’s only 10 minutes!!!

There’s a diverse selection of 10 minute core workouts on youtube and other video sites, so just search for one that works best for you or create your own by implementing different core/abdominal exercises from different workout videos.

Keep it new, exciting and intense and you MMA training will see the results.

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